What are the major features of Premier Campground Management?

  • Guest PortalNew for 2019!

  • Free up your time by enabling your guests to securely manage their own reservations online.

    • Easy to use and customizable guest portal will allow your guests to:
      • View past, current and future reservations
      • Change reservation dates
      • Add reservation comments
      • Add and remove additional guests, vehicles and pets to a reservation
      • Purchase additional Add-Ons
      • Update their contact and RV information
      • Cancel their reservation
      • Resend email and text message notifications
      • Check In and Check Out of their sites
      • Electronically sign required forms prior to check-in
      • View outstanding balances and make payments
      • View, download and print site-specific forms and documents
  • Live Chat

  • Chat directly with your website visitors and give them assurance that you're there when they need you.

    • Stop losing your customers. Keep in touch with them and point them in the right direction as soon as difficulties arise.
    • Live chat offers convenience for your customers by giving them a quick way to speak with you without having to call or email you with questions.
    • Gain an edge and stand out from your competitors by offering the very best support.
    • Not only can you chat directly with your customers as they're completing their online reservation, you can also monitor their progress and proactively offer assistance if you notice they're having difficulties.
    • Not always in front of a computer? No worries! Route all chat messages to your mobile phone and respond to your customers using standard text messages.
  • Waiting Lists

  • At full capacity? Don't turn away customers. Add them to your waiting list.

    Prevent loss of revenue and increase customer satifaction.

    • Capture complete customer information for easy contact if a site becomes available
    • Record multiple desired date ranges and site or site type preferences
    • Customer can choose to wait for multiple sites to become available
    • Automatic notification when a desired site becomes available
    • Easily move a customer from waiting list into a new reservation
  • Website Builder and Website Hosting

  • Get a free website when you become a customer of Premier Campground Management!

    Features of your free website includes:
    • Fully Integrated With Premier Campground Management
    • Full Control Of Website Content
    • Interactive Site Map
    • Site Availability Map
    • Online Reservations
    • News/Blog Support
    • Image Gallery
    • Social Media
    • Responsive Design For Any Device
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Calendar Of Events
    • Google Map Integration
    • Contact / Marketing Sign-up Form
    • ... and more

    Visit our demo website to see all it has to offer.

  • Point Of Sale

  • Our fully integrated POS provides everything you need to run your store. Features include:
    • Customizable Point Of Sale display
    • Touch-screen and mobile device friendly
    • Inventory management including low inventory notifications
    • Automatic product information lookup include pictures
    • Barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer and credit card reader support
    • Tight integration with the reservation system allowing charges to guests’ campsite
    • Easily process a return with receipt barcode scanning
    • Receipt printing and emailing support
    • PCI compliant credit card processing and flexible payment options
    • Full reporting capability
    • Online access anytime, anywhere
    • Unlimited users and stations
    • Unlimited products, product types and categories

    What's the cost of the Point Of Sale?

    Absolutely Free!

  • Exclusive Marketing and Sales Channel Through Premier RV Club

  • Premier RV Club is a new membership club for RV owners and campers.

    You have exclusive access to these members to offer discounted rates and publish special deals on excess inventory during periods of low occupancy.
    This gives you a new sales channel that will give you a chance to fill sites during non-peak times that would otherwise sit empty. The discount is only available through our membership club so it won't affect your published rates.
    Premier RV Club also provides search tools for members to find campgrounds in the vicinity of their intended destination. Offering a few of your campsites at a discount provides you with a great opportunity to connect with new customers.
    Multiple options gives you flexibility to offer the right sites to the right members:
    • You have full control of which sites are offered as well as which dates (and days of the week) those sites are available.
    • You control when offers are shown. E.g. you can set up discounts for the whole year but only make them available two weeks in advance - giving you a chance to book them first.
    • You specify how many sites are offered at a time and the order that they're offered.
    • You can specify the minimum and maximum lengths of stay.
    • You can offer sites in "batches" allowing you to fill up a section of your campground first before offering sites in other sections.
    • You can limit the number of sites an individual club member can book per year. If one of your existing customers is also a member of the club, you can choose to exclude them and we will not show your offers to them.
    • Reservations will be booked directly into your system just like any other reservation - no special handling is necessary. The only difference in these reservations will be the discounted rate.
    • Club members must pay the entire balance when they book the site online. No refunds.
    • The website includes a "Featured" list of offers that is displayed prominently on the first page. Campgrounds that offer the most sites/biggest discounts will be eligible for that placement.
    • Premier RV Club is different than most discount clubs:
      • Discounts are for specific campsites that campgrounds designate themselves. (Not a general "50% off" discount)
      • All offers are for a limited time and are first come, first-served.
      • All discounted reservations are managed through the club website and booked through the campground's online reservation form. Campground staff do not have to deal with members or manually handle the discounts.
      • Sites are guaranteed and paid in full.
    • This feature is free for you to use and free for the club member - a win-win scenario.
  • Available Anywhere

    Premier Campground Management's campground reservation system was built from the ground up for use with mobile devices which have become the device of choice for guests looking for a site. A tablet, smartphone or desktop is all that you or your guests need in order to use the reservation management system.
  • Map on tablet
  • Easy To Use

    Powerful features with a sleek look, uncluttered layout and streamlined workflow means that PCM gives you the control and access you need.
  • Online Reservations

    Allow guests to book one or more sites themselves with our integrated online reservation system. Online reservations without a separate module or integration with a 3rd party means easy access for your guests and money savings for you.
  • Map on phone
  • Real-Time Updates

    With PCM, all reservation changes are immediately shown to every user - no browser refresh needed. This gives you an "at-a-glance" view of your entire site and prevents double bookings.
  • Planner on tablet
  • Site Map Integration

    All reservation management functions can be done either in the planner view or the site map view. Easily switch between the views at any time.
  • Reservation Planner

    Manage all of your campground reservations for the coming months in one place with the planner view. Zoom feature allows you to see many months of reservations for all of your sites on one page.
  • Housekeeping / Maintenance Tasks

    Automatically assign tasks to sites before guests arrive, after they depart or on a recurring schedule. View task progress and see when a site is ready in real-time on our Task Dashboard. Assign tasks to individual employees or teams for efficiency. Each user has their own dedicated "My Tasks" page that allows them to see their daily tasks and quickly mark their progress using a phone or tablet. Send out email or text message reminders to staff when new tasks are assigned to them.
  • Task Dashboard
  • Guest Chat

    Quickly send out messages or reminders to everyone staying in your park! Schedule welcome messages for new arrivals or a daily itenerary of activities. Send a "Thank You" message to guests after they leave and invite them back again. This unique, opt-in feature will keep you in touch with your guests via emails or mobile phone text messages.
  • Document Storage

    Go paperless! Organize and store your electronic documents by attaching them to reservations or a customer's file. Scan and attach documents like signed waivers, proof of insurance, drivers licenses, etc... instead of filing the paper copy. Using a mobile device with a camera (iPhone, iPad, Android tablet/phone), you can also easily take pictures directly in our system and store those as well. That's handy when you want to keep pictures of each guests's RV, car, license plate numbers or even the guest themselves!
  • Electronic Handwritten Signatures

    Speed up your registration process by capturing guests' signatures directly on a tablet or smartphone and store the signed documents for easy retrieval.
  • Products/Add-ons

    Cross sell add-ons like firewood, boat slip rental or trailer storage. Allow your guests to charge extras to their site and pay on check-out.
  • Group Reservations

    Easily accommodate group reservations. Book as many sites as needed under a single reservation or multiple reservations under a single group.
  • Main Reservation Page
  • Site Relocation Tool

    Moving guest reservations to a new site is quick and easy with our visual tools. Need to move guests in the middle of their stay? It's easy to split reservations and even swap sites between two different reservations.
  • Customized Data Capture

    You decide how much or how little information you want about your guests and their reservations.
  • Marketing Campaign ToolNew and improved!

    Encourage previous guests to visit again with our built-in email marketing tools. Generage targeted email marketing lists based on the sites that are still available. Send and track email marketing campaigns and view metrics such as number of successful deliveries, opens, Click Through Ratio, bounces, invalid email addresses, etc...
  • Marketing
  • Robust Reservation Management

    Sort, filter and search features allows you to quickly locate available sites or find customers. Easily block out sites for maintenance activities or special activities.
  • Kiosk

    Set up one or more kiosks using any modern tablet and use this new feature to give your guests a modern, speedy and convenient check-in experience. Registration delays and data entry errors can be alleviated by allowing your guests to enter or confirm their information for themselves. An after-hours kiosk will let your guests find their reservation, check-in and receive the information they need for their stay.
  • Quick Quotes

    Quickly quote prices for call-ins or online.
  • Unlimited Sites

    Our unique architecture means that the system can handle 5 sites or 1000+ campground sites with ease. List as many site types and amenities as you need to best describe your campground sites and rates accordingly.
  • Planner on tablet 2
  • Unique Color Themes

    Create your own color schemes to quickly identify reservations that need your attention. Flexible rules allow you to set the colors based on your own unique criteria.
  • Flexible Pricing

    Automated site rate calculations with tons of flexibility gives you total control over your pricing. A customizable rules engine means we can support just about any pricing model.
  • Credit Card Swipe Fee Support

    Support for surcharge fees on credit card transactions is available.
  • Guest Notifications

    Send out email or text message notifications for each reservation with full control of message content using our built-in template designer. Automatically send them at the appropriate time using our flexible notification trigger event mechanism. Generate personalized pdf email attachments for each customer (i.e. Mail Merge).
  • No Infrastructure Needed

    Our cloud-based solution means that you don't have to purchase or maintain expensive computer equipment.
  • Site details on tablet
  • Always Available From Anywhere

    Cloud based resilience and fail-over means 100% availability whenever and wherever you are, always.
  • Robust Data Protection

    Triple redundancy and geo-replicated database backups ensure all of your data is securely stored and never lost.
  • Google Analytics

    Integration with Google Analytics lets you track your ROI on advertising and other promotions.
  • Monthly Billing

    Quickly generate and print or email monthly billing statements for your long term guests.
  • Utility Metering

    Allows tracking and billing of water, gas and electric utility usage for each site.
  • System Security

    Full control over the access of each user with complete audit trail of changes.
  • USA and Canada

    Full support for U.S. and Canadian campgrounds.
  • Powerful Reporting

    Extensive reporting capabilities coupled with the ability for custom reports provides ALL the data you need at your fingertips. Export report data in several available formats.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

    Get the information you need to drive your business. Monitor all of your metrics, trends and key performance indicators on a single page enabling you to make informed decisions at a glance.
  • Business Intelligence Report