Why choose us?

Drive Sales

How does Premier Campground Management help increase revenue?

Increase the number of new customers

This is the age of extreme expectations. Customers want amazing digital experiences and full control at their fingertips. When planning vacations and searching for campgrounds, they increasingly expect the ability to search, find and book their own site very quickly using only their phone or tablet.

Grab their attention by providing a superior online experience:

  • Modern, mobile-friendly website showing real-time site availability
  • Easy online search experience to find an ideal camp site
  • Detailed descriptions and updated photos of each site
  • Instant rate quotes
  • Quick and painless check-out process
  • Instant responses through email or text messages

"Our online reservations have improved so drastically that we are truly amazed and grateful for the added influx of revenue."

Jeff and Susan Grass, Blue Lake Resort

Sell more products

  • Promote special discounts for non-peak times and extended stays so guests stay longer
  • Offer add-on products online (like firewood, event tickets and boat rentals) to boost transaction size
  • Campground stores, gift shops and restaurant/bars can manage and sell more products by taking advantage of the free Point of Sale
  • Offer last-minute special promotions and discounts to entice potential buyers via exclusive access to Premier RV Club members

Keep customers coming back

  • Customized "post-stay" emails and text messages are big opportunities to garner positive reviews and improve guest retention
  • Keep past guests informed of upcoming events and the latest updates to the park
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns to previous guests that are most likely to respond
  • Promote campground and area events and festivals
  • Make an impression by knowing customers' favorite site, special needs and other preferences

Set the right price

  • Easily adjust rates to meet changing demand and seasons
  • Fine-grained control over rates, fees and adjustments
  • Set dynamic pricing with yield management tools
  • Offer instant online rate quotes instead of static rate sheets
  • Utilize business intelligence reports to track key performance metrics like Occupancy Percentage and Average Daily Rate

"The return on investment has been realized in the first year of use. The numbers of campers has increased and the tracking of assets and income has increased two-fold."

Ross Corder, Pulaski County Park

Lower Costs

Time and cost savings are realized by streamlining day-to-day operations, consolidating systems and reducing personnel and hardware expenses

  • Turnkey - everything you need is included
  • Extensive list of included features that can replace existing products and services
    • Point of Sale tailored specifically for campgrounds
    • Website builder and website hosting
    • Email marketing tools and service
    • Credit card processing with EMV Chip Card support and PCI-DSS compliant.
    • Housekeeping and maintenance task scheduling, management and reporting
    • Document generation, document storage and electronic signature support
  • Take online reservations 24 hours a day with no additional staff
  • Improve efficiency of current staff by automating tasks and streamlining workflows
  • Eliminate wasted time and resources by replacing paper records and manual tasks
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use software requires almost no training
  • Cloud-based solution means no hardware purchases, no upkeep required and no worries about obsolescence
  • 24x7 support service provides direct assistance when needed which reduces the burden on in-house tech teams
  • No contracts, no monthly minimums and no costs at all during off-season
  • Always enjoy the latest version with the newest features and stop worrying about keeping up with technology and wasting money on short-lived/obsolete products

"Features of tracking who, what, when and where have greatly improved our efficiency of running the campground."

Ross Corder, Pulaski County Park

"PCM has made it easier for our campers to reserve sites. It has reduced the amount of paper we use and it has made it easier to track everything that is happening on the park."

Gerald and Ann Janauer, Horseshoe Acres

Grow Your Brand

  • Leverage new tools and capabilities for a competitive advantage
  • Market your product and spread your brand with an enhanced web presence
  • Gain exclusive access to Premier RV Club members and a dedicated sales channel for last-minute booking opportunities
  • Harness customer passion through social media channels
  • Drive eCommerce traffic with advanced marketing tools
  • Reach younger campers by tapping into the power of mobile devices
  • Analyze your marketing performance and adjust for better success

"The reports and performance metrics are invaluable. In our opinion, this program as a whole is the best reservation program out to date. The innovation that's been implemented is extraordinary."

Jeff and Susan Grass, Blue Lake Resort

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Spend less time in the office managing reservations and more time outside engaging guests
  • Give your guests an online experience that they will rave about to their friends
  • Get to know your customers and stay constantly engaged with timely messages and notifications
    • Talk with your guests as they make their online reservations and answer any questions they have with our built-in chat feature
    • Send confirmation messages to guests shortly before they arrive to remind them of events, policies and details of their stay
    • Send out daily messages to everyone in the park letting them know what activities are taking place that day
    • Inform guests arriving in the near future about any changes to planned events
    • Quickly notify guests of maintenance problems, scheduled outages or weather events
    • Send post-stay messages shortly after departure expressing appreciation for their business, an invitation to complete a survey and offers to drive repeat business