Do I need an internet connection to use the system?

Yes. The system is hosted in the cloud and does require an active internet connection to use it. A broadband internet connection is highly recommended. A backup connection is also recommended in areas that have poor connection reliability. In case of unexpected outages, we do offer a feature that will allow a list of your upcoming reservations to be delivered to your email inbox automatically on a daily basis so that you always have a backup copy of your data when you need it.

Are there multiple version or editions of your system?

No, we have only one edition and all features are included.

Do you charge based on the number of sites?

No, it does not matter how many sites you have. Our fee is only based on the number of reservations you make.

We have a lot of cancellation and no-shows. Do you charge for those?

No, we do not charge a fee for cancelled reservations. We only charge for guests that actually stay at your park.

What's included in the setup fee?

The setup fee covers initial setup of system, creation of one system administrator user account, import of your existing reservations, customers and sites (if data export is available from your current system), and integration of your existing site map into the system. 24x7 support is free to all of our clients.

What are the hardware requirements?

You can fully utilize the system using either a desktop or laptop computer, a modern tablet or smart phone.

What other equipment is required?

All that is required to fully utilize the system is a computer or tablet with an internet connection. Typically the computer or laptop will connect over WiFi network or use 3G/4G cellular connection. To print receipts and reports, a network printer will be needed. For our Point of Sale system, we will provide a recommended hardware list for your receipt printer, credit card reader, cash drawer and barcode scanner.